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S14 & S15 Krishi vihar , S-block , Badarwas , Jaipur Rajasthan
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Planned Social Concern (PSC) stands tall as a beacon of hope in Rajasthan, tirelessly serving the underprivileged communities with microcredit and holistic development services. Born in 2006 and taking its first steps into the field in August 2007, PSC has been a steadfast companion to the needy, empowering them with financial resources and nurturing their potential for over a decade. With unwavering dedication, PSC continues to uplift lives, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in the heart of Rajasthan.

Unveiling Our Journey

Discovering: Our Vision, Mission, and History

Planned Social Concern envisions the day when it serves all people especially women,living in poverty to provide quality financial services while operating on commercial principles of performance and sustainability.

Planned Social Concern's mission is to provide access to financialservices to the world's lowest income women enterpreneur to promote micro-enterprises among them in efficient and measurable ways so they can build assets and improve their quality of lives.

Planned Social Concern laid its cornerstone in the year 2006 with its initial seed funds from Grameen Trust of Bangladesh.Project Concern International (PCI) a US based organization and an affiliate to PSC , subsequently mobilized several individual donos for PSC. A year later,in 2007 PSC received a considerable amount of support from FWWB (Friends of Women's World Banking), Ahmadabad. Recently, MFSL(MAS financial Services Limited) and Reliance Capital are two biggest lenders to PSC.

We Invest , Not Lend

Empowering Women with Financial Solutions

We are dedicated to fostering women's empowerment through our unique approach to entrepreneurship. As a non-governmental organization (NGO), we understand the challenges faced by aspiring female entrepreneurs in accessing capital and resources. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our collateral-free loan program designed exclusively for women like you. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to break down financial barriers and provide women with the support they need to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

At PSC Finance, we believe in the power of women to drive economic growth and create thriving communities. Our tailored loan programs are designed to support women entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners. With flexible terms, competitive rates, and personalized support, we're here to help you achieve your financial goals and turn your dreams into reality. Join us in building a brighter, more equitable future.

Meet some of our happy faces

Our Loan Products

Maintaining open and honest communication about loan terms, interest rates, fees, and repayment options.
Ensuring equitable access to microloans for all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status, education level, or background.
Building and maintaining trust with our clients by delivering on our promises, providing exceptional service, and ensuring the security of their personal and financial information.
Building and maintaining trust with our clients by delivering on our promises, providing exceptional service, and ensuring the security of their personal and financial information.
Continuous Improvement:
Continuously seeking opportunities to innovate and enhance our services, products, and processes based on feedback, research, and market trends.
Raising awareness about the importance of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and women's empowerment through targeted educational programs, workshops, and outreach activities.
Capacity Building:
Investing in the education and skill development of our clients to build their capacity, confidence, and capabilities to manage and grow their businesses successfully.
Prudent Management:
Practicing responsible financial management, risk assessment, and due diligence to ensure the long-term viability and stability of our microloan programs.
Treating every client with dignity, respect, and courtesy, recognizing their inherent worth and potential.
Empowering women to become financially independent and self-sufficient through access to microloans.
Skill Development:
Offering training and resources to enhance financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and business management skills among women in rural communities.
Taking responsibility for our actions, decisions, and their impact on the well-being of our clients and communities.
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